Sunday, 20 November 2011

Block Heels

Image via Les Mads
Forever 21 Shoes, image via Kenza. I still need to find out where to get these shoes as Forever 21 has run out of stock. Boo!
Jeffrey Campbell's Lita via We Heart It, for more colours and designs you can also head to Sole Struck.
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, just swinging in to say that I am still alive and currently busy trying to save up for shoes, as well as a whole lot of Christmas presents. Above are two pairs of shoes that I am absolutely in LOVE with - especially with their block heels. I also mentioned these shoes in a previous post - I haven't even got around to buying them (or at least, having enough money to buy them) yet. Indeed, I suck at saving up, so any good savings tips as the Christmas season is nearing? xx

PS: Does anyone know where else to get a similar pair of shoes to the Forever 21's? (:


  1. I absolutely adore all of these shoes <3

  2. I love the block heels and want to buy a pair myself! One tip for trying to save money is make a list of exactly what you need and when you go to the mall bring only enough money to buy what you need! hope this helps,

    Lacey xoxo

  3. ah perfect heels <3 i didn't realise the middle block heels were forever 21, they're really nice! don't look highstreet! x

  4. Ilove Jeffrey Campbell and his shoes ;) nice blog, xoxo

  5. wohooo I'm adoring those Jeffrey Campbell's too :'( like dying to get one :'(
    Btw I'm following yours, kindly follow back?

    Love from Bali,