Sunday, 16 October 2011

Greener Pastures

It's been a while since I posted and I'm afraid it's going to have to stay that way for a while (much like the regularity of my family mowing the lawn) with my final year of schooling - the year I'd been dreading about - finally arriving. 
As classmates dropped out of certain subjects, a teacher of mine kept repeating the phrase "Leaving for greener pastures..." and the line has been stuck in my head almost all week. I mean really, the final year of school is anything but a "better situation".
I truly hope that you are all in greener pastures than I am (and will be) in for the next year or so. xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Flowers in Spring

Floral Tank Top - Valleygirl, Denim High - Waisted Shorts - Supre, White Knit Cardigan - (I can't remember), Beige Flats - Rubi Shoes, Bag - Vintage
So this is a really belated Spring post - a whole month has passed since the arrival of Spring - but the weather hadn't allowed me to wear shorts with it being too cold and all. 
Anyhow, the cardigan, as pictured above was only recently found; it had belonged to me when I was four - when I had used it as a full-sized jacket. When my mother thought it had served its purpose, she packed it up and put it away in the garage. Only a few weks ago, when our family was spring-cleaning did I find the cardigan/jacket and immediately fell in love with it (...reunited at last - ahaha). xx 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Rug Skirt

Images and Instructions from A Pair and a Spare
So I absolutely fell in love with this DIY Rug skirt from A Pair and a Spare and really wanted to make my own. My opportunity came when I stumbled upon a similar set of rugs from the discount shop a few days ago and I was determined to produce a skirt from it.
Stay tuned. xx