Thursday, 4 August 2011

Those Shoes

I've never really been that much into shoes, but recently, I have had a great amount of interest in - the window shopping of - shoes. This has also been aided through online shopping, the last pair of shoes mentioned on this blog were found via the Internet. And just like the previous pair, these were found after almost half a years searching of the pair of shoes I had noticed from one of my favourite bloggers: Carrie Harwood from Wishwishwish.

Earlier in the year, Carrie briefly mentioned those shoes in one of her posts;
Original Image from the amazing Wishwishwish's blog post "Postcards from Italy"
The shoes I found were Jeffrey Campbell's Foxy Wood, these shoes are available in quite a few colours - I am still unsure of exactly which colour to choose. I am really hoping that they still have the pair I want as by the time:
 - My parents approve of me spending any MORE money on shoes
 - I can fork up that amount of money needed
The shoes may as well be sold out. Fingers crossed!!

One of the many colours available, for more, check out Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Happy window/screen shopping!

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