Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Flowers in Spring

Floral Tank Top - Valleygirl, Denim High - Waisted Shorts - Supre, White Knit Cardigan - (I can't remember), Beige Flats - Rubi Shoes, Bag - Vintage
So this is a really belated Spring post - a whole month has passed since the arrival of Spring - but the weather hadn't allowed me to wear shorts with it being too cold and all. 
Anyhow, the cardigan, as pictured above was only recently found; it had belonged to me when I was four - when I had used it as a full-sized jacket. When my mother thought it had served its purpose, she packed it up and put it away in the garage. Only a few weks ago, when our family was spring-cleaning did I find the cardigan/jacket and immediately fell in love with it (...reunited at last - ahaha). xx 


  1. Your vintage bag is beautiful! Wonderful pictures,
    Lacey xoxo

  2. Your bag and outfit in general is beautiful!
    xx, Kels