Thursday, 29 September 2011

DIY: Floppy Disk Penholder

So I had a lot of floppy disks lying around at home, and recently discovered a way of recycling them from Domestic Geek. Result - a floppy disk penholder.
You'll need: 5 old Floppy Discs, Scoubidous (or string/cable ties/etc.) and a whole lot of patience
Drill two holes, one on either side of the discs (there are already marked dents in the disc). Pick out your base (i.e. the disc you want to be the base of your pen holder) and drill two extra holes towards the top corners.
Lay the four discs out, tying them all together (once at the top, and once at the bottom) for each side.
*Note that the bottom corners already have these slots that you can slide down
Tie the "base" disc onto the bottom of one of the four discs. Then, bend the four "side" discs and tie them together (this is when you need patience) - after all this is done, tie the other corners of the base disc onto the corners of the side discs.
Add absolutely anything you want - and you are done!
My greatest apologies if the instructions are a bit confusing (...okay, maybe a lot), but you can head over to Instructables for a more detailed step-by-step guide. Good luck!! xx



  2. really great idea!! (:

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